Photograph: Kathy Grove

Photograph: Kathy Grove

Listen to Danielle Durchslag's interview with Petah Coyne for Yale Radio.

Petah Coyne is a master of her craft.

She's best known for her large scale sculptures, made, in part, from the unconventional materials she obsessively gathers. These materials include wax, wire, silk flowers, taxidermy animals, Venetian velvet, and human hair.

Major art institutions across the world, including the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Modern Art, own her work.

She is currently preparing for a large solo exhibition at Galerie Lelong for the fall of 2018.


Listen to Danielle Durchslag's interview with Rama Burshtein for Yale Radio.

Rama Burshtein is the first ultra orthodox Jewish woman to write and direct feature films for a general audience.

Born in New York in 1967, she grew up in a secular family and attended film school in Israel.  In her 20’s, Burshtein became religious.  She married and had four children but did not make films for 20 years.

She’s best known for her two features, 2012’s Fill the Void, and 2016’s The Wedding Plan.

Her films have won scores of Israeli Film Academy awards and have shown at prestigious festivals around the world, including the Toronto Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival.  Israel chose Fill the Void as its official submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards.