I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat with a friend or colleague and we’ve both confessed to often feeling like failures.  In truth, pretty much everyone I know, including me, is doing great, but it's surprisingly hard to feel and believe it on a day-to-day basis.  Our brains seem wired to point out what’s lacking or imperfect in each of us, and to under-credit our hard work and achievements.  It’s a struggle to battle against that negative feedback with affirming messaging. 

At least for me, the judgemental, unfair assessment of me that my brain bully produces has real-life, negative consequences.  Feelings of failing can distract from work, overwhelm other positive emotions, and halt the critically important act of taking risks.

So, this last summer I convened a group of volunteers at the Invisible Dog Art Center to do something about it.  Together, we spent an evening continuously chanting the phrase, “I am not a piece of shit, I am enough,” set to a classic tune about the Torah I learned as a child. The resulting recording is called Shit Box, a 2.5 minute audio affirmation free to download and listen to for anyone interested in fighting back against their personal brain bully.

Shit Box can be enjoyed anywhere you have access to your phone.  Download it and listen to it on your daily commute surrounded by people, or alone somewhere quiet you go to recharge.  Use it with headphones at your desk or blair it from speakers at home.  Take it in silently, or chant along out loud.  Play it once, or continuously on a loop.  Any time your brain accuses you of being a piece of shit, Shit Box is there to help.

After listening to Shit Box, please feel free to leave me a note about your experience below. Did taking a couple of minutes to remind yourself that you are not, in fact, a piece of shit, feel good?  Silly?  Helpful?  Odd?  Let me know. 

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