BOUNTY Video Excerpts

Please click below to see brief excerpts from some of the video pieces that make up BOUNTY, my series exploring the psychological and political complexities of American Jewish wealth. Scroll down for a full artist statement about the series.

Dangerous Opinions (Original footage from Dangerous Liaisons, 1988)

Dark Diagnosis (Original footage from Dark Victory, 1939)

The Age of Lefkowitz (Original Footage from The Age of Innocence, 1993)

The Sons and Daughters of Zion Annual Olympus Ball (Original Footage from Jezebel, 1938)

Someday (Original Footage from Children of Divorce, 1927)


I may not resemble Ivanka Trump physically or politically, but I come from her world - the tightly circumscribed sphere of American family wealth.  Like her, I grew up the lucky beneficiary of a hardworking male ancestor, my great grandfather Nathan.  He started as an immigrant peddler selling shoes door to door and ended his life as a business giant, the founder of Sara Lee and a lauded philanthropist. 

BOUNTY culls from my past to expose the psychological contours of American families like mine, immigrant dynasties who came into their wealth when high class was synonymous with WASPs. These works explore the influence of wealthy, Protestant, capitalist dynamics on Jews who attained enough money to witness American wealth first hand; families simultaneously afraid of the very real, and currently growing, threat of anti-Semitism and its long rhetorical connection to Jewish money, and enamored with their recent positions as centers of political and philanthropic influence.

The video collages of BOUNTY lift the curtain on the mechanics of the 1%, employing voice actors, live actors, animation, and editing to imbue classic cinematic depictions of wealth with Jewish content. These works highlight a confused, misplaced belief in meritocracy held by the most fortunate, and ask difficult questions concerning the gender dynamics and ethical costs of attained riches.

Me and Ivanka at summer camp, 1996.

Me and Ivanka at summer camp, 1996.