My Time at The Ackland Museum!

Just back from a wonderful few days at the Ackland Museum in Chapel Hill, NC. So exciting to see my work, Buddy, on display there and get to teach/give a talk to the Ackland Museum community.



Detail from my collage Buddy. My work can look painterly when photographed but my only materials are paper, tape, and glue.



Buddy installed in the museum!



I taught a workshop on my collage technique at the Ackland and the students made beautiful work! They each brought an image they wanted to remake using paper, tape, and glue.

Professional Portraits

I have a bunch of professional opportunities coming up (press, giving talks, etc) that require decent head shots of me, and the one I generally use is a selfie I took in my bathroom about 6 years ago.

Definitely time for an upgrade. So finally, this week, I got professional ones made with the fabulous/talented Mike Suber, and I am so happy with the results! You can check out Mike’s work at



Fine Art Ketubah


When 2 dear friends got married they asked me to make them a fine art ketubah and this is the result- hundreds of their words to/for each other, hand cut from a single piece of 30 foot long paper ribbon, signed at the wedding, and then fashioned around a piece of copper pipe. I loved making it so much I’m going to start taking ketubah commissions! Stay tuned...


Ketubah Detail: 


Catch me in North Carolina!

I have work in two exciting NC art spaces this summer— a group of small collages at Cassilhaus and a large collage at the Ackland Art Museum. I’m teaching my innovative collage technique at the Ackland on Thursday, June 21st, from 5 to 8pm. Come join me!



In Our Time at the AAF Next Week!

I'm curating an exciting solo show at the New York Affordable Art Fair next week, featuring the work of Delano Dunn.  The fair is open to the public between Thursday, March 31st, and Sunday, April 3rd.  Times and events vary during the fair- click here for details.

I hope to see you there!



Wandering at Williams

This coming Tuesday evening Ryan Frank and I will be giving a talk about A Wandering Sukkah at Williams College!  

Schapiro Hall, 7-8:30pm, Room 129